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Alaska Airlines

New check-in process changes the industry

The Art

  • Introduce the first 2-step check-in process in the U.S. to reduce dramatically the queuing process.
  • Translate marketing direction into a branded experience within a heavily regulated industry.

The Science

  • Manufacture two agent stations from a space normally occupied by one in a unique “double oval” design.
  • Integrate a computer and printer into a podium footprint 2 feet smaller than the original.
  • Engineer a more ergonomic baggage check system to reduce agent injuries.


  • Persuade a skeptical executive team to rethink established processes.
  • Meet strict federal codes and intense material and technology durability requirements.
  • Collaborate with multiple teams and vendors in disparate locations to account for all needs.


  • Compelling, branded design that solves major airport issues such as queuing and customer flow.
  • Technology integration in reduced size environments.
  • More productive agents with fewer L&I claims.
  • Operational efficiencies that improved brand loyalty with an important audience—business travelers.
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