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Hunter Douglas

Synsor clients remain impressed, and loyal even after 26 years

The Art

  • The first update in nearly a decade, new display needs to reflect new styles of homes and decor.
  • New panels will showcase and introduce a new line of quality window coverings for an audience with a critical design-eye.
  • Displays must replace older fluorescent lighting with new, lower cost LED lighting.
  • Design for easy assembly and quick replacement of window treatments.

The Science

  • Edge-lit panels integrate a dot-matrix pattern that spreads light evenly across the window frame, effectively imitating actual sunlight.
  • Quick connect bracket system for display assembly, and pre-mounted treatment head-rails allow for quick, easy and tool-less assembly and changing of window treatments that can be done by anyone on staff.


  • Damage to displays during shipment required quick thinking, and fast logistical changes.
  • Original estimate of number of required displays – doubled based on store demand.


  • Creative solutions, expert advice, start-to-finish service, and impressive, forward-thinking results inspire client to re-confirm the partnership with Synsor.
  • With increased demand for displays, client projects that subsidized cost of displays will be returned in half the time.
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