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Collaborating on kiosk innovation

The Art

  • Collaborate with Starbucks on a new modular kiosk design.
  • Integrate Starbucks brand experience into everything from finishes to functionality.
  • Design for interchangeable material palettes and an adaptable footprint that expands or contracts.

The Science

  • Engineer an electrified canopy extension that rolls down and locks up at night.
  • Order, consolidate and ship most store components to locations across the U.S.


  • Simplify a complex “passive security” technology for delivery on a short timeline.
  • Install overnight and debut canopy extension at a live Starbucks headquarters event.


  • Cross-collaborate with diverse Starbucks teams from start to finish.
  • Incorporate sustainable materials into a customizable experience.
  • Reduced general contractor time and costs on install.
  • Continued rollout of kiosks, now in third iteration, to about 30 stores per year.

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