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Carnival Cruise Lines

A cruise ship docks in the mall

The Art

  • Design a modern retail experience that remains true to Carnival’s “fun ship” marketing campaign while engaging passing consumers with interactive media.
  • Incorporate brand elements like smokestacks and sandboxes into 130-square feet of free-standing mall space.

The Science

  • Integrate a 40” plasma TV and cast-aluminum pedestals with touchpad access to Carnival’s website.
  • Project fiber optic lighting through glass screens for added drama.
  • Build casework with compound curves and shaped solid surfaces to mimic a boat’s shape.


  • Incorporate Carnival’s branded smokestack element, made from molded fiberglass, into the project post-prototype.
  • Control the heat dissipation from the web consoles, employee workstations and plasma TV with a system for moving air through cabinets.
  • Include an ADA turn circle on the interior of the kiosk.


  • Extended brand awareness to new customers with a detailed experience that matched the spirit of Carnival Cruise ships.
  • Took the Carnival brand into new territory in both mall installations and experiential retail design.
  • Opened the door to integration of materials and technology in unexpected environments.
  • Won the prestigious A.R.E. Grand Prize for Retail Design Award for Interactive Sites/Etailing in 2002.
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