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Massive complexity on a micro timeline

The Art

  • Design 16 special order kiosks that showcased the unique attributes of multiple products and brands (everything from jewelry to garage doors).

The Science

  • Warehouse and coordinate the assembly of over 2,000 SKUs of vendor-supplied merchandise, graphics and literature.
  • Ship 4-6 kiosks every day to 260 different Costco destinations nationwide on a 6-month timeline.


  • Customize product shipments according to each store‚Äôs choice of kiosks (managers could choose up to 13 of the 16 kiosks for their specific locations).
  • Ensure that each kiosk was UL-listed.
  • Plan for kiosks to roll off the trucks installation-ready for untrained store personnel to set up overnight.


  • Kiosks started shipping at month 3, loaded onto trucks fully merchandised for no-hassle installation.
  • Because of our logistical expertise, the project concluded early, in just over 5 months from start to finish.
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