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Digital Cameras and Frames—Push a button, gain market share

The Art

  • Increase brand awareness and drive sales for Kodak’s market-leading pocket-video cameras and frames through interactive video and live product demos in Best Buy.
  • Intentionally focus on graphics vs. sound using a silent attract loop for stopping power in an environment with loud in-store conditions.
  • Translate the key benefit (ease of use) into the hero with a push-of-a-button creative execution.

The Science

  • Engage shoppers with the “30-10-3 Rule”—large-scale graphics announce the category at 30 feet, branding amplifies at 10 feet and the emotional hook explains the product at 3 feet.
  • Ship to 1,000 stores nationwide, while accommodating 3 different Best Buy store configurations with a consistent branded look and feel.
  • Set up an efficient reorder process for replacing the display’s parts and graphics (due to normal wear and tear).


  • Manufacture a permanent display that stands up to the demands of extended use in the retail environment.
  • Conversely, make the graphics, video content and replacement parts easy to update.
  • Deliver displays fully assembled with plug-and-play installation by Best Buy personnel.


  • An engaging branded experience that gives shoppers control of the product and functions as a selling tool for Best Buy associates.
  • Simple installation—just attach the display to the counter top, install the live cameras and plug it all in to a power source.
  • Best Buy adopted Synsor’s re-order process as their new standard for all vendors.
  • Foremost, this display helped Kodak gain 15 points in market share in an intensely competitive marketplace.
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