Sustainability & certifications

Our priorities

We don’t just say we’re sustainable, we show it in our design, purchasing and manufacturing (whether or not you need it on your program). We are FSC certified. We have an internal LEED-tasked “Green Team” to implement sustainable strategies. And we regularly help premier brands roll out global green programs with LEED points.

Environmental Policy
Synsor takes an active role in protecting our environment in every way possible. Examples include chemicals and raw materials that are recycled in all our manufacturing processes. Virtually all our wood waste is recycled or used as incinerator fuel to generate electricity for local utilities. Steel and aluminum scraps are collected, separated and recycled. Our packaging processes are designed to effectively protect our products during transit, with minimal use of cardboards and Styrofoam. We blanket-wrap many products and "back haul" whenever possible. We also recycle office paper, cans and bottles, and strive to use recycled materials wherever possible.


Synsor is committed to minimizing air pollution by using paints with the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions possible. Our goal is to reduce VOC's by 10 percent each year. We have changed to a powder-coat finish for most of our metal parts, which contributes negligible amounts of VOCs into our atmosphere. We comply with state and local clean air regulations and maintain a Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Certificate. We also have a commute trip reduction program that encourages employees to take alternative modes of transportation to work, such as carpooling and riding the bus.

As a pro-environment operation, we continually seek ways to reduce the use of chemicals and energy consumption. We have partnered with Puget Sound Energy on energy-reducing projects. We installed a self-regulating air compressor, which matches the energy usage with the actual demand. We reduced energy consumption by installing an on-demand vacuum system for CNC machines. And we partnered with the local utilities district to install upgraded lighting with newer technology.

Synsor understands that our business shares the environment with the world. We are committed to making every effort to preserve it. The reward for our dedication to the environment is that we are able to produce quality products for our customers that result in less wasted energy and minimize the impact on our environment.

Certifications & Affiliations